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  1. My kubernetes blogroll

    This post contains a few links I refer to or share with other people. These links go to external sites and while I do my best to check them regularly for shady stuff, well you know how it goes in the wild wild web, so make sure to stay safe …

  2. How to finally fall in love with chin- and pullups

    Few exercises are so noncontroversial as chin- and pullups. Medical professional, gym enthusiasts, calisthenic people, crossfitters, almost everyone seems to like them. 1 The only people honestly not liking them tend to be strong and jacked (I mean even fat people acknowledge that they are just too fat, so they …

  3. Embrace boredom

    Boredom used to have a pretty bad reputation, and while it is slowly clearing up, I think there is still some way ahead of us to fully appreciate boredom.

    Boredom is what we experience when our mind searches for things to do and to occupy itself with. It is inherently …

  4. On more successful dieting

    It is new years eve or something like that and everyone is again thinking of really losing weight this year. Or really gaining muscle. And just as it happens, I procrastinated long enough on this post to post it on this fateful date, lol.

    In this post I do not …

  5. while read line in bash

    I always forget about this thing and the only reason I do not remember is because I have not written it down somewhere. And it is so embarrassing to ecosia it. At least now I can look it up on my own blog, slightly reducing the amount of embarrassment

    The …

  6. Why you should start a blog

    The other day I asked a friend for their blog URL and they did not have a blog. I was shocked. I thought every intellectual has a blog (or some other outlet) nowadays, but I was wrong. Because having a blog is such an obvious thing.

    Medieval librarian in front of a laptop

    Sometimes blogging feels anachronistic …

  7. Percolation models

    Percolation, i.e. the study of things similar to liquids dripped onto porous media, is an unnecessary fascinating topic. But you do not need to dive into the mathematics [1] to enjoy this fascination.

    Morever, we find that percolation is a very useful model, and on top of that, it …

  8. On the 10k hours rule

    In my generation and upbringing in a culture, where end-stage capitalism grass roots propaganda promised you great fortunes if you were only to apply yourself, few things were taken as granted as the ten thousand hours rule: To achieve excellency, you need to spend ten thousand hours with deliberate practice …


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