Hi, I am Marcel Wunderlich and I currently work in my dayjob as computer researcher and system administrator at the University of M√ľnster. My current work and work related interests revolve around Kubernetes, OpenStack, cloud and edge high performance computing and cloud sync and share solutions.

If anyone cares, I wrote my bachelor's thesis on hyperbolic groups and discrete morse theory and my masters's thesis on Riemannian submersions. In my PhD thesis I proved the short-time existence of Mean Curvature Flow of cones in Euclidean space under appropriate restrictions using tools from Geometric Analysis.

As you can guess from a lot of posts in my blog, I like to lift weights and in general like doing the right things, doing things right and making good decisions. Which obviously often contradicts what we experience in our so called professional lifes, so a lot of things just read like rants by the nature of the beast.

This blog is pretty much run in the reply-to-public manner suggested by Matt Might, so if you have any feedback or questions on any topic, make sure to send me an email or hit me up in the IRCs. I am bored by long elaborations of obvious things and more interested in higher level compositions, so my posts probably cover most things only in broad strokes.

The main page is a bit cumbersome, feel free to browse the archive. See also my post-it blog on the github, where I have some snippets laying around that might make it on a post-it, inspired by evil genius B. Chavez' famous post-it series.

You can contact me via email (solve the riddle in the imprint or just use my lastname @uni-muenster.de), or hit me up on Libera or QuakeNet.