My kubernetes blogroll

This post contains a few links I refer to or share with other people. These links go to external sites and while I do my best to check them regularly for shady stuff, well you know how it goes in the wild wild web, so make sure to stay safe when browsing other people's websites, especially when you have JavaScript or similar plugins enabled by default.

Also please contact me, if you find anything fishy going on on some domain, so I can either take the links out or in some instances try to contact the people I hoped the link belongs to.

I thought I would wait until this list is longer, but good content is not produced at such a high rate and the maximum number of links I can remember is already capped out.

Ivan on containers, kubernetes, and serverside


A very nice, technical blog with many elaborate illustrations about different things on the topic. Almost like a reference for questions you never knew you would have, e.g. what happens when you do a kubectl exec? In this post you get the answer.

Caveat: It might be not very accessible, as much of it's value comes from very niceley designed pictures.

Posts on k8s which are not the default yadda yadda

There is not much to say about these posts. They are blog posts about kubernetes, and their main value is in getting some actual perspective and not just a bunch of buzzwords of people who barely finished the tutorial:

More meta posts about good practices

In my memory I had a nice checklist somewhere here which I wanted to link, but I do not find it. For now there is only this checklist from the CNCF for gitops:

My own k8s posts

Of course you find my own posts on kubernetes in the tags of this blog.