I am studying mathematics since 2009 and currently working on my master. My interests lie in topology, group theory and differential geometry. I have written my bachelor thesis under supervision of Prof. Dr. Linus Kramer about hyperbolic groups and a criterion to recognize free-by-cyclic groups by Mladen Bestvina and Noel Brady.


My favorite programming language is probably Python, however I also like Bash. I also like C, however I rarely have use for it.

One of the projects I am working on is Roger a modular IRC-Bot written in Python. His original author scotch has already written a new version, but it's not released yet and most development is focused on the old and stable version. Roger is almost feature complete, but we'd like to see some form of user-authentication based on passwords or server-provided values like Quakenet qauth. If you want to comment on something or even contribute, feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Another project is this website, which was inspired by the design of Julian Schlöder's homepage and Rogers module framework. You can check out the code of the engine at github, I've released it in the public domain, however I do lack at least some diligence regarding the maintenance of the code base. I think that it would be better to write a version, which simply dumps statically served html files.

System administration

I'm currently running a small business to meet the local demand for system administration, consulting and programming. Until end of 2011 I used to work part time as a system administrator, but chose to focus on mathematics. However, if you have a small project or need some system administration, I probably can make time for it. Just contact me.