1. Kubernetes - some practices

    Maybe not best practices. But some practices. Some mentions of the worst practices.

    This is a small collection of things that worked for me, my colleagues and most people I talked to, as well as some things that do not work, at least not beyond a single-dev-play-around-installation or your typical …

  2. Fitness and timed sets

    When it comes to increasing fitness for everyday tasks, the first things that come to mind are usually classical endurance activities, like low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio or sometimes even high intensity training (HIIT). A dreaded proposition for any lifter that is looking to improve fitness for every day …

  3. List of books

    Apparently books are something people are interested in and usually when you go online and search for recommendations, you always get the same shit. So here is a list of books remarkable enough for me to make a recommendation against them, for them or how to use them.

    I will …

  4. Introduction to kubernetes pt. 1

    In this series of posts I want to give a small introduction into Kubernetes. I am fairly new to Kubernetes and the first platform I designed just went into production and I found most of the introductory literature not so helpful in this process. My memory is still fresh on …

  5. Things that rock

    When it comes to software I usually hate pretty much everything and I was born the proverbial grumpy old man yelling "get off my lawn". Especially in times where people have succumbed to atrocities like the initsystem that is everything, but a functioning initsystem, the sound management software that breaks …

  6. On tracking bodyweight

    This is a topic which somehow still confuses people and there is a lot of seemingly contradicting advice. The main problem is that bodyweight fluctuates daily, but the best solution people came up with is doing weekly averages or, worse, only to step on the scale once a week. I …

  7. Periodization for fun and profit

    Most people somewhat involved in strength sports are familiar with the term periodiziation [1]. To cite the first sentence of Wikipedia on it, it is the systematic planning of athletic and physical training, but for the rest of the article, I assume that the reader is somewhat familiar with the …


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