1. arXiv sanity

    Staying on top of the latest research is a task which is hard in itself. Although arXiv supports some RSS-feeds, I read all my RSS feeds through newsbeuter, and given that it is (of course) a CLI application, it cannot display the math tags of the abstracts.

    Luckily someone else …

  2. dead.letter: Training Cycle 2016-2

    This is the post mortem of my previous training cycle. To summarize the results, the volume block went well, I failed again at picking weights at higher intensities and I lost 7kg of bodyfat over the course of seven weeks.

    Base layout

    This time I planned the weights over the …

  3. Fancy chocolate coffee

    Today I want to share a small and simple recipe with you, namely one for chocolate coffee. With the exception of this recipe I detest any combination of coffee and cocoa, as it usually just tates like bitter cocoa. The usual problem is that you need some kind of milk …

  4. Uzbl is dead, long live Otter

    I hate pretty much everything about the web and especially web browsers. Since Opera decided to ditch the fabulous presto engine I was in constant despair, as Firefox and Chromium lack two of the key features I expect from any browser: Being able to disable javascript completely except for some …

  5. dead.letter: Training Cycle 2016-1

    chaos and pain

    The week before this cycle. About any exercise I could think of that's not olympic weightlifting. Also, some olympic weightlifting.

    As promised in the last post, I want to do a post mortem of my current training cycle. But first let me talk about my previous training cycle, where I …

  6. man (3) repranges

    Here is some documentation about some repranges I have encountered and often at least somewhat played around with. Inspiration for this post was mainly that I wanted to think of the viabilty of the APRE10 protocol for some assistance work, but then did not have the table for the weight …

  7. Reclaiming attention at work

    As I wrote in a previous note, attention seems to be the scarcest resource an individual can have, as without it even time seems to be worthless. Everything that matters requires our attention. In particular one would think that it is in your employer's best interest if you are focused …

  8. Not by force of habit

    Today @TheConstructor mentioned that he'd happily switch to Linux if there was an adoption of the MacOS window management and of course I could not resist to disagree, as the window management of MacOS and Windows is one of the things I hate most about those. In his reply he …

  9. Attention, not time, is the most valuable resource

    So while there seems to be an increasing awareness of the value of attention, it is often only on the side of advertisers, selling our attention to companies, in order to boost these companies revenues. And it is working quite well. Obviously the advertising industry, lead by companies like Google …

  10. Meat and potatoes or why IIFYM does not work for me

    Almost no food has the same down-to-earth ring as meat and potatoes, as not even steak and eggs became synonymous with the basics and fundamentals of things. Given that it has been a staple food in Germany and Central Europe for at least a hundred years and many dishes in …

  11. How to perceive the value of money

    Money has an absolute value. If you hold a bill, there is a number printed on it, which is determining its value. However, depending on the way you earn money and your financial goals, its actual value for you changes and it becomes all perception.

    Say you work for an …


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