Uzbl is dead, long live Otter

I hate pretty much everything about the web and especially web browsers. Since Opera decided to ditch the fabulous presto engine I was in constant despair, as Firefox and Chromium lack two of the key features I expect from any browser: Being able to disable javascript completely except for some whitelist and to configure hotkeys. I am well aware that there are plugins to do just that, but well, I do not like having to install plugins for something I expect to be basic functionality. Vimperator even made some of the keybindings and especially the behaviour. Configuring the default fonts and being able to override web designers poor choices in font size is at least a huge plus.

However, then uzbl came along and there could not be a browser that makes me more happy. Native and easy js whitelisting, configuration per text files, vim key bindings and behaviour. The only problem being that some stupid web developers, well, actually only the guys at google, seem to switch behaviour based on the user agent, but nothing a little spoofing couldn't fix. Also, by not relying on too much GUI, one could have open a thousand tabs and still find everything, as there are multiple lines for tabs and one could configure to only use a tiny font to display these. By not displaying the favicon, this really saves space.

To my dismay support in gentoo/funtoo was not that good and over time some odd behaviour occurred like crashing the tab when opening an image in a new window or something like that. Well, nothing that bothers me too much. However, now support ran out, as the last stable release dates a few years back.

Spoofing the useragent for google

Simple useragent spoofing on a per site basis with otter.

Luckily I found out about otter, an open source remake of Opera 12. Still with the crappy webkit engine, I guess one cannot escape that shit. However, it has all the features I like, and is even able to spoof the useragent on a per site basis.

The only things that I am now missing are the lack of an differentiation between input and browsing mode, as in vim or uzbl, but that is more or less a matter of habit, as well as good overview over the tabs. As otter uses QT and displays the favicon and has quite some margins left, even opening something along ten to twenty tabs already reduces them to only displaying the favicon. Guess I should simply reduce the number of tabs then. Also url autocompletion is a bit weird, but one can choose to only complete bookmarked sites.