Fancy chocolate coffee

Today I want to share a small and simple recipe with you, namely one for chocolate coffee. With the exception of this recipe I detest any combination of coffee and cocoa, as it usually just tates like bitter cocoa. The usual problem is that you need some kind of milk in your cocoa, for else it tates just bitter and muddy, but if you add milk to coffee, you often end up with something too bland. As it turns out, the addition of a scoop whey is sufficient to provide the milky smoothness, resulting in the following simple recipe:

Fancy chocolate coffee

  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1 scoop of whey (~25g)
  • 1 teaspoon baking cocoa
  • artificial sweetener to taste
  • 5g creatine, because creatine is good

Either mix all ingredients in a mixer or shake them in a shaker. Beware that the latter procedure results in a lot of pressure built up, as the hot fluid heats up the air in the shaker, so you need to be careful and release some pressure during shaking, lest the lid of the shaker might blow off, painting your walls in a nice coffee-cocoa brown. If you feel fancy, feel free to add some hazelnut flavoring.

There you have it. A tasty drink to start your day, with everything that's unequivocally good for you: Protein and caffeine.