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  1. My not-todo list

    Almost anyone has a todo list. However, one thing that improved my life much more is thinking about things that I should not do. It can be divided roughly in two parts. One part is mostly about avoiding toxic stuff, which has a negative impact on your life quality beyond …

  2. The best time management tip

    The best time management tip is simply this: Do not waste your time indulging in media. But is it really so simple?

    Until recently I was always quite disappointed when someone mentioned that they watch TV, thinking much lesser of them as a person, at least if they are younger …

  3. Reclaiming attention at work

    As I wrote in a previous note, attention seems to be the scarcest resource an individual can have, as without it even time seems to be worthless. Everything that matters requires our attention. In particular one would think that it is in your employer's best interest if you are focused …

  4. Not by force of habit

    Today @TheConstructor mentioned that he'd happily switch to Linux if there was an adoption of the MacOS window management and of course I could not resist to disagree, as the window management of MacOS and Windows is one of the things I hate most about those. In his reply he …

  5. Attention, not time, is the most valuable resource

    So while there seems to be an increasing awareness of the value of attention, it is often only on the side of advertisers, selling our attention to companies, in order to boost these companies revenues. And it is working quite well. Obviously the advertising industry, lead by companies like Google …


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